You too can be a TV writer. All you have to do is climb the Matterhorn.
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How I Broke Into TV Writing - Part 1

Recently, I was asked by a few aspiring writers how I broke into TV writing. Here’s the beginning of my story along with the many, many mistakes I’ve made along the way.

Taking the Leap

Of course, I knew none of these things when I started. Maybe a couple. The not being a dick one for sure.


Moving up to LA was still scary but I had my best friend coming with me. We were on an adventure together. She landed a job up here first so we moved to be close to her work. I was able to get a job in Glendale at the Apple Store. At the time it felt like a step back because I had worked at the Apple Store in college. But the hours were steady and I planned to fill in my two off days with industry work.

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